gazzola is the most qualified

The Best Qualified.

John Gazzola is a very qualified counselor for he has worked as both a member of council and as a member of staff. John is a 54 year resident of this community and has had such a positive impact on the citizens of this area. He has had 50 years' experience in the municipal governments and 15 years in the private sector with Ernst & Young. (formerly Clarkson & Gordon). 

Gazzola has so much experience in this line of work and has so much to offer the community for the future. A few more of John's qualifications are;

- Working as a former C.A.O-city Treasurer- Director of Finance for the city of    Kitchener

- University of Western graduate in Honours Economics & Political Science) 

- Certified Professional Accountant ( Queen's University) 

-  Member of Finance & Corporate Services, Community Services and Tech Services

gazzola is committed

John Gazzola Will...

- Guard your tax dollars with aproven record of sound financial management.

- Will continue to word to reduce the level of spending at City Hall.

- Will not support increases in taxes higher than the Inflation Rate. 

- Will continue to work to guard against excessive increases in the rates charged for    gas, hydro, water storm and sanitary sewer and recreation user fees.

- Will continue to encourage open, public discussion of Council and City affairs.

- Will continue to emphasize the social, cultural and recreational importance of    placing s high priority on Community Centres, Parks and Community Trails.

- Will support improvements to cross-city bus transit and Go inter-city transit.

- Will continue to respond constituent's personal and special needs and requests for   assistance in dealing with City Hall and other levels of government.

- Will continue to serve YOU and is only phone call of email away!