Gazzola Working For You At City hall

Working For You At City Hall.

As a staff member Gazzola was instrumental in developing a policy that limited property tax increases and at or below the rate of inflation without adding new debt and by "living within our means". Thanks in great part to his efforts over the past 16 years that policy has been attained with regards to property taxes.

Neighbourhoods Are Important.

We are in the midst of an intensification period mandated by the province. Tall buildings and structures are rising up throughout the city. Single family dwellings are being replaced by mulit-unit dwellings. Gazzola will continue to support the goal that new dwellings conform to the existing character of the areas in which they are being built. 

Community Centres.

Gazzola has always emphasized the social, cultural and recreational value of placing a high priority on community centres and park land. He was successful in getting capital funds allocated for the Kingsdale Community Centre which opened in 2011. This reconstruction process of the former Doherty Arena was part of the balanced capital forecast without the need of additional borrowing.

Economic Development.

Economic development is important to the success of any community. However, it can not be our soul/main focus The majority of our mandater relates to more mundane areas such as the maintenance of our roads, sewers, parks and other infrastructures.

Saving Our Environment.

Gazzola is deeply interested in maintaining and saving our Environment for the benefit not only of existing residents but also for our future generations. Gazzola led the way to save Kiwanis Park and other green spaces from being sold. He fought earlier attempts to sell off a part of Gzowski Park. He was the first to support our seniors in the dispute to keep the Rockway Seniors Center from being disbanded. He continues to press for the preservation of the Hidden Valley Natural Area. 

Next Term.

The next term of Council will be highly impacted by the new Provincial Government. The City will need a strong voice based on valuable experience to insure our citizens are not affected by that change.